सिख युवक मैरिज बायोडाटा | Sikh Boy Biodata for Marriage

moradabad up sikh Boy Biodata for Marriage

Name- Amandeep Singh Sethi

Religion- Sikh

City- Moradabad

Date of Birth- 03-12-1990

Height- 5’4″

Complexion- Fair

Qualification- B.com

Diet- Non-vegetarian, No Drinking, No Smoking

Occupation- Self Business

Nature- Simple, caring, adjusting 


Father’s Name- S.Harvinder Singh Sethi

Occupation- Self Business

Mother’s Name- Sdr.Harvinder kaur 

Occupation- Housewife

Siblings- 2


1) Simran kaur (Married)

2) Preet kaur (Unmarried)

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